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Prospection/Tastings trips.

 Vine Division, will organize prospection trips and in collaboration with importers that are part of its network, periodically will organize tastings at the headquarters of the importers themselves.

 The tastings are organized and managed by Vine Division team that will send to each producer a detailed feedback with comments from importers and their customers.

Every expense for this trip will be share by a minimum of 6 producers 

 This system has many advantages:

- Reduce costs by about 70%.
- Possibility of tastings of more importers on a shoestring budget.
- Making a personalized introduction of your vineyards and wines.
- Gain of time for you.

 The cost of tastings will be determined according to the following parameters:

- Country where prospection and tasting will take place.(flight and cost of stay).
- Number of participating companies (cost inversely proportional)
- Cost of Stay: accommodation, food, travelling expenses (international and domestic)
- Personnel costs will be quantify before each trip.
- Payment must be made in advance.

After the tasting will follow a detailed written report that will be sent to each participating producers. 

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